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Newsletters (Volume 184)

1. Payment of Salaries
The salary budget for the 2nd Second Quarter consisting of June, July and August was released and the concurrence has been obtained. If there is any shortfall in the budget, the same may be intimated to the DHE immediately and a copy of it may be sent to the General Secretary, ACTA for the timely release of the deficit budget. We are pursuing with the officials to curtail cumbersome procedures adopted by the Department for the payment of salaries. Let us hope that we will take our salaries in the third quarter in a smoother way than the second quarter. We are also demanding the government to implement G.O. Ms. No. 103 for regular payment of salaries.

2. Central Council Meeting held on 12th & 13th July, 2008
The Central Council Meeting held on 12th & 13th July, 2008 at Y.N. College, Narsapur, West Godavari District. The ACTA-AP branch unit of Y.N. College, Narsapur made excellent arrangements for this 2 days meeting at a very short notice. We on behalf of ACTA-AP thank the branch unit of ACTA-AP, Y.N. College, Narsapur for their hospitality. The Secretariat meeting was held at 2 PM on 12th July and execute committee meeting and central council meetings were held on 13th July. All the meetings are presided over by the ACTA President Sri M. Sai Manikyala Rao. The General Secretary Sri K. David Prema Raju presented detailed report on the organizational activities followed by the reports of the Secretary Finance and Secretary Office & Publications. Several members of ACTA participated in the discussions with enthusiasm. At the end of the Central Council Meeting there was a smooth transition of the leadership from Sri K. David Prema Raju to Dr. G. Mallikarjun Rao as General Secretary of ACTA for the remaining one(1) year term as per the Gentlemen Agreement that has been reached in the statutory conference held at K.G.R.L. College, Bhimavaram on 14th & 15th July 2007.

3. Meeting of Office Bearers of Hyderabad on 21.07.2008 at IIMC, Hyderabad
A meeting of the executive Committee Members, Special Invitees, Zonal Secretaries, Vice Presidents and Secretariat Members of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad was held on 21st July at Indian Institute of Management and Commerce, Hyderabad. The meeting was primarily organized to involve large number of lecturers in the organizational activities and it has discussed issues like, regular payment of salaries on 1st of every month, regularization of part time lecturers, withdrawal of G.O. 35, filling up of backlog vacancies, filling up of all vacant aided posts, UGC pay revision committee headed by Prof. G.K. Chadda, and implementation of 30% HRA to the lecturers working in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Similarly we request all the Secretariat members to hold zonal meetings in all cities across Andhra Pradesh to strengthen the College Teachers Movement. We thank the management of IIMC for making excellent arrangements for the above meeting.

4. Secretariat Meeting on 3rd August, 2008
The Secretariat meeting of ACTA-AP was held on 3rd August at Amiya Bhavan, Nampally, Hyderabad. Dr. V. Danaiah, Chairman, ACTA-AP presided over the crucial meeting. The General Secretary presented the report of the various activities of the organization. The secretariat members reacted on several issues like regular payment of salaries, regular publication of college view, ACTA-AP website, participation of former leaders of ACTA-AP in struggles, enhancement of gratuity from 2.5 to 3.5 lakhs, reckoning of unaided service for the purpose of pension, CAS and increments, notional service for CAS and future course of action etc. The meeting adopted the following resolutions:

1) It was resolved to congratulate Ms. Maheshwari and her team for successful holding of central council meeting at Narsapur.
2) It has resolved to update and implement the ACTA-AP website. It is also resolved to constitute 5 member committee consisting of General Secretary, Secretary (Office & Publications), Secretary and Vice-President and two executive members.
3) Resolved to explore the possibilities of reviving the college view as early as possible.
4) Resolve to solicit the participation of retired, former leaders of ACTA-AP for reconnecting with the units and further to seek their advice on further specific issues whenever found necessary.
5) It was resolved to support and participate in all the struggles and agitations launched by the contract, part-time and G.O. 12 Lecturers.
6) It is also resolved to collect the employees particulars with email addresses for getting incorporated in our website.

5. Part Time Lecturers and Future Programme of Action
The leaders of ACTA-AP represented in the Round Table Conference on 20.07.2008 and Workshop on 27.07.2008 organised by Struggle Committee for Part-time and Contract Lecturers under the chairmanship of Dr. C. Ramaiah, eminent educationist and MLC. The committee decided to mount pressure on the government for regularizing the services of Part Time Lecturers working in Aided Colleges and Contract lecturers working in Govt. Colleges. An action plan was drafted as follows:

18th August, 2008
Lunch hour meetings at the colleges and submitting a memorandum to the District Collectors.

19th August, 2008
Sending telegrams to the Hon’ble Chief Minister:

Hon’ble Chief Minister
Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
Samtha Building, A.P. Secretariat

The text of the telegram is:
The Aided College Teachers all over the State have been agitated for the past few years on account of the adamant attitude of the Government in solving the legitimate demands such as...

1) Withdrawal of G.O. 35.
2) Payment of Salaries on 1st of every month.
3) Regularization of part time lecturers.
4) Filling up of all Aided vacant posts.
5) Enhancing gratuity from 2.5 to 3.5 lakhs
6) Reckoning of unaided service for pension, CAS and increments.
7) Revision of HRA to lecturers working in GHMC.

20th August, 2008
Participation in JAC Struggle which is mentioned separately.

24th August, 2008
District level round table conferences with the sister organizations and leaders of the student unions.

25th August, 2008
Submitting a memorandum to MLA’s, MLC’s ,MP’s and Ministers on the problems faced by Aided College Lecturers in the State.

29th August, 2008
Chalo Assembly Programme in Hyderabad.

6. To participate in the Call given by Joint Action Committee and Struggle Committee of Central and State Government Employees on 20.08.2008
The call is given against the anti-employee, anti-teacher and anti-people’s policies of both Central and State Governments. ACTA-AP join hands with JAC and Struggle Committee and requests all its branch units to wear black badges, conduct gate meetings, lunch hour demonstrations and issue press notifications in their respective districts. All the secretariat members are requested to coordinate with the Vice-Presidents, Zonal Secretaries, E.C. members, special invitees for making the above programme a grand success. We are also glad to inform you that the JAC has included the following demands of ACTA-AP in their charter which are submitted to the Hon’ble Chief Minister for immediate redressal.

The charter of demands include the following demands of ACTA-AP
1. Implementation of Medical Insurance Scheme for all Employees, Teachers and Workers in the state.
2. Abolition of contract and part-time employees/lecturers and outsourcing system of appointment and regularization of existing Contract Employees in All Departments and Institutions. Till regularization of their Services all benefits may be extended on par with regular employees.
3. Filling up of vacant posts in various categories in Government Departments and State level Public Enterprises, Universities, Aided Institutions and Class IV Employees duly lifting ban on recruitments.
4. Allot of House sites to all employees, University, Panchayati Raj, Educational Institutions (Aided institutions). Public Sector Undertakings and clearance of all the pending alienation proposals of CCLA.
5. Withdraw New Pension Scheme and continuance of existing pension scheme employees even those who were appointed after 01.09.2004.
6. Protect the unaided service of Aided College Teachers by abolishing the ACT 37/ 2005.
7. Relaxation of the condition of passing NET/SLET in respect of all the existing lecturers/physical directors, librarians working in Degree Colleges both Aided & Government in the existing vacant aided posts.
8. Regularization and absorption of the part-time lecturers in degree / junior colleges in the existing vacant aided posts.

7. UGC Pay Review Committee
The UGC Pay review committee under the chairmanship of Prof. Chadha requested the Central Government to extend the time limit by another three (3) months to submit its report. Originally the Chadha Committee is expected to submit its report by 5th September, 2008 and there is going to be a delay in this matter. The Teachers of the Central Universities as well as the Leaders of ACTA-AP strongly opposed the delay in the submission of the report.

8. ACTA-AP Website
We wanted to update and renew our website. All the office bearers are requested to furnish the information as per the format published in news letter and send those details to the office at Hyderabad so as to incorporate them in the website. We wanted to send the information pertaining to our struggles/circulars/GO’s/Memo’s through our website. We also request all the office bearers to open an email account immediately and send it to Hyderabad ACTA office immediately.

The format is annexed herewith...

    Name of the College: __________________________________________
    Name of the Unit Secretary: _____________________________________
    President: ____________________________________________________
SNo. Name of the Member Designation Scale of Pay State/UGC Date of Appointment Date of Retirement Residential Address with Email & Phone

The format should be sent separately to regularly appointed lecturers & part-time lecturers so that we can asses the strength of our association.

9. Financial Position of ACTA-AP
The financial position of ACTA-AP is not satisfactory. We have to clear the dues advanced by all the secretariat members, mounting dues to press and other agencies. Moreover, the association is finding it difficult to conduct its day to day activities owing to the paucity of funds. We make a special appeal to all our units to send their annual subscriptions and all outstanding arrears immediately to the Secretary (Finance), ACTA-AP payable at Andhra Bank, CRR College Branch, Eluru. For the convenience of ACTA-AP Branch Units, we are furnishing the online account of Secretary (Finance), ACTA-AP. Andhra Bank Code No. 1071 SB A/c. 15109 payable at Andhra Bank, Sir C.R. Reddy College Branch, Eluru. The Branch Secretaries are advised to note the above number and deposit their subscriptions in the online account of Secretary (Finance), ACTA-AP. In case it is not possible to send the subscriptions online, they are requested to send their subscriptions through demand drafts in favour of Secretary, Finance, ACTA-AP either at Hyderabad or Eluru. All the secretariat members are advised to take the matter as most important so as to strengthen our organization financially.

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